Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preparing for ITBS tests

Teachers, counselors, and students at Davis Elementary are busy preparing for our ITBS tests that are set for February 8-9.  Teachers are continuing to provide excellent instruction in academic skills.  Students are practicing math and reading skills in class, at home, and by using the SuccessMaker reading software program and Education City math software.  Students are completing winter MAP testing and then will know their targeted areas for improvement.  We are seeing many students making good gains in the MAP scores from the fall tests to the current tests. 
The two elementary counselors, David Ford and Nikki Tews, are providing guidance lessons focused on test taking skills. Ninety five students are meeting 3 or 4 additional times in small groups to continue their  learning of test taking strategies.  
We are encouraging all students to get a good night's sleep the night before the tests and eat a good breakfast the day of the tests.  Please continue to talk with your child about the importance of working hard and showing their best effort of the ITBS tests and all school work.
Also, make every effort to have your child at school for the ITBS tests.  All students are required to take the tests and it can be difficult to make up the test