Monday, April 25, 2011

Third Graders Learn about Careers

Third grade students learned about careers when parents and other community workers talked with their classes.   The speakers talked the kind of work their job entailed and  how reading and math are used in their daily work and how important it is to work hard and do well in school.  Speakers included a farmer, a trucker, a historian, a chaplain, an accountant, a sales manager, an occupational therapist, a soccer coach, and a college professor. Another speaker helped students learn about making commercials, as shown in the picture of Mrs. Hughes and her class above.

Paper cranes for Japan

Davis Elementary students participated in a service project on April 19, 2011, to benefit residents of Japan.  The earthquake and tsunami left Japan with many unfulfilled needs.  Students and staff folded paper cranes that will be sent to Japan and business supporters will send clothing to Japan for each crane that was folded.  Over 2000 paper cranes were folded at Davis as part of this service project.  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Davis Vocal Concert

Jacob Hull, Levi Fritz, and Jacob Pickens, third graders at Davis, demonstrate the 3 R's as part of the mini musical practice.

Davis Elementary Vocal Concert
Barb Van Ersvelde, Davis Elementary Music Instructor, has planned mini musicals for her students to perform at the Davis Vocal Concert. Third grade students will perform “It’s Easy Being Green”, a musical promoting environmental responsibility and fourth graders will perform “Family Feud”, a musical about deciding which famly of instruments is the most important. The students learn the music and various parts to the musicals as well as other concepts, such as types of musical instruments, ways to conserve or be responsible in the use of resources.