Monday, February 7, 2011

ITBS Tests are Coming!

David Ford, one of our elementary counselors, helps the Sad Lion prepare for taking the ITBS tests.
Davis Elementary teachers performed a skit to help students know what they can do to perform well on the ITBS tests. ITBS tests will be given at Davis Elementary on Feb. 8 and 9. We've talked with the students about getting a good night's rest, a good breakfast, and working hard to do their best.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flashlight February


                                                      Flashlight February

Third grade students continue their focus on reading with “Flashlight February”.  Students wore their pajamas to school and read with their flashlights, another way to encourage enjoyment of reading.  “Flashlight February” is part of the Readers’ Annual Book Read Across Iowa (RABRAI) in which third grade students record pages read and progress across Iowa based on the pages read.  Students are making good progress and teachers anticipate all students will cross Iowa by the end of the school year.   

Heritage Quilt

4th grade students in Mrs. Allen’s classroom learned about cultures and their ethnic backgrounds as part of their social studies class work.  As a culminating activity the students each finished one quilt square and squares were then combined for a class heritage quilt.  The picture shows the completed quilt.