Thursday, May 5, 2011

4th Graders go to Y-Camp!

Davis Elementary fourth graders load busses for Y-Camp, a three day environmental camping experience at the YMCA Camp near Boone.  Fourth grade students learn about nature while they are building relationships with their classmates.   The exciting camping experience is made possible through parent, PTO, and community donations.   

Monday, April 25, 2011

Third Graders Learn about Careers

Third grade students learned about careers when parents and other community workers talked with their classes.   The speakers talked the kind of work their job entailed and  how reading and math are used in their daily work and how important it is to work hard and do well in school.  Speakers included a farmer, a trucker, a historian, a chaplain, an accountant, a sales manager, an occupational therapist, a soccer coach, and a college professor. Another speaker helped students learn about making commercials, as shown in the picture of Mrs. Hughes and her class above.

Paper cranes for Japan

Davis Elementary students participated in a service project on April 19, 2011, to benefit residents of Japan.  The earthquake and tsunami left Japan with many unfulfilled needs.  Students and staff folded paper cranes that will be sent to Japan and business supporters will send clothing to Japan for each crane that was folded.  Over 2000 paper cranes were folded at Davis as part of this service project.  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Davis Vocal Concert

Jacob Hull, Levi Fritz, and Jacob Pickens, third graders at Davis, demonstrate the 3 R's as part of the mini musical practice.

Davis Elementary Vocal Concert
Barb Van Ersvelde, Davis Elementary Music Instructor, has planned mini musicals for her students to perform at the Davis Vocal Concert. Third grade students will perform “It’s Easy Being Green”, a musical promoting environmental responsibility and fourth graders will perform “Family Feud”, a musical about deciding which famly of instruments is the most important. The students learn the music and various parts to the musicals as well as other concepts, such as types of musical instruments, ways to conserve or be responsible in the use of resources.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Davis Plans for Success

Students demonstrate SuccessMaker, a reading software program, for their parents during Come Read with Me.  
Weston Shirk, Davis 4th grader, reads to his mother during Come Read with Me. 
David Ford, elementary counselor, portrays the Wizard of Wisdom and gives Barb Van Ersvelde who is portraying the lion, advice for taking the ITBS tests.

     Davis Plans for Success

Davis Elementary was designated a School in Need of Assistance (SINA) for this school year as a result of ITBS scores.  Students and teachers have been working to implement changes as detailed in our School In Need of Assistance action plan.  Actions include teachers carefully analyzing student Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test results and targeting instruction for individual students based on the student’s test results.  Students and parents have learned about the MAP test results and the low and high areas for each student.  Students are regularly using the SuccessMaker reading software program for additional practice on reading skills.  The elementary guidance counselors have taught guidance lessons focused on academic success and test taking skills to all third and fourth graders as well as teaching additional lessons on test taking skills to small groups of students during lunchtimes.  Davis teachers performed a skit to help the students prepare for the ITBS tests and the Davis Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) provided snacks during the ITBS tests. 

Another fun learning activity that was part of our action plan was our Come Read with Me night on March 7.  Over 400 free meals were served during the event.  The Drake Library provided information on their programs, students demonstrated reading strategies for their parents, families created posters for their favorite books, and computer programs were shown to families.  Grinnell College basketball players were guest readers for the event and high school students and other community members volunteered to help with the activities.  Prizes, including a kindle and gift card, were awarded for students who participated in the activities.  It was a very successful evening and one we think made a difference for our students.  We are currently waiting for the results of this year’s ITBS tests to see how our efforts have paid off.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Davis Elementary Newsletter, February, 2011

Davis Elementary News

February, 2011

Nancy Beck, Principal


The snow has melted or at least most of it and we’re hoping spring is on the way.  We are left with very muddy playgrounds and still cold weather.  Please help encourage your children to continue to dress for the cold weather – warm coats are still needed and it’s not warm enough for those shorts yet!

Come Read with Me

Plans are continuing for Come Read with Me on March 7, 5-8 pm.  I hope you have made plans to join us that evening to learn about reading strategies, SuccessMaker reading software, other computer programs and websites and the Drake Library. Your Davis student will also choose a book to take home and you’ll have opportunities to enjoy listening to Grinnell College athletes read aloud and also to create a favorite book poster.   Those of you who RSVPed will also be able to join us for a meal that evening.  It should be a fun night!

   New Twitter Account for Alerts

Grinnell-Newburg now has a twitter account for alerting people to closings, late starts, and early dismissals.  It's GNNotify and it's also posted on the Grinnell Newburg homepage. 

                            Registration for 2011-12 Kindergarten Students

2011 - 2012 kindergarten registration will be held on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, at Bailey Park Elementary School, from 1:00 - 6:00 p.m., for children who will be five years old on or before September 15, 2011.  All open enrolled families may attend to register their child.  Please bring proof of legal address, the child's birth certificate, and the child's immunization record.  Questions?  Please contact Nancy Beck, Head Elementary Principal, 641-236-2790.

Upcoming Events:

March 7            Come Read with Me, 5-8 pm, meal served from 5-7 pm

March 8            PTO meeting, 6 pm, Media Center

March 16,17,18  Early dismissals, Parent-Teacher conferences

March 28 - April 1            No School, Spring Break






3rd graders learn about famous people

3rd grade students in Mrs. Arseneault’s class chose a famous person, someone who inspired them, someone they admired or a favorite sports figure and wrote a biography about that person.  Students then dressed up as their famous person and presented the biography to their classmates and parents. Bella Amador-Lacson, shown during her presentation,  chose Jenny Arsenseault as her famous person.