Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grinnell Welcomes New teachers!

   Levi Fritz and Sarah Skinner, new math interventionist at Davis Elementary, work on math.

Nicole Tews has joined the elementary counseling staff. 

                     Robin Brierly, new reading interventionist, listens to Chase Williams read.

Grinnell Welcomes New Teachers!

Robin Brierly has joined the Davis and Middle School staffs to provide remedial reading instruction to individual or small groups of students.  Mrs. Brierly has thirteen years of previous teaching experience.  She will work with students who need extra instruction in developing reading skills.

Sarah Skinner has been teaching half-time at the Middle School this school year and she has recently joined the staff at Davis as well.  Ms. Skinner provides math instruction to individual students or small groups of students who are struggling with math concepts.

Our new elementary counselor, Nikki Tews, is a certified teacher and counselor and  has taught kindergarten previously and coordinated a before and after school program.  She will work in all three elementary buildings and share the counseling work with our current elementary counselor, David Ford.  The addition of Ms. Tews will allow increased access to a counselor at the elementary buildings. 

All three positions are funded through federal education jobs funding for the remainder of this school year and the 2011-12 school year.