Sunday, January 16, 2011

Insects Galore!

This article and picture are from earlier in the school year -- I wanted to post them even though they are from a couple of months ago. 

                Insects galore!

Students in Mr. Abarr’s fourth grade science classes have spent a great deal of time learning about insects.  After learning about the structure of insects, students created their own insects to demonstrate their knowledge.  Creatively crafted insects are now flying around the ceiling of the third floor at Davis Elementary. 

Next in science, students will explore social insects through a more in-depth study of the honeybee.  Students will explore the division of labor within the colony, the many helpful things the honeybee does for humankind, and why we should be concerned about the “colony collapse” phenomenon.  In the near future, students will be studying fireflies and their ability to create light and  students will be making fireflies that actually light up.