Friday, December 18, 2009

Fairview Newsletter

Fairview News December 18, 2009
Nancy Beck, Principal

Winter Clothing is now a must. Please send your child to school with appropriate winter clothing --- boots, hats, mittens, a warm coat, snow pants. Please label your children's clothing. Also, remember shoes to put on once the student gets to school! It also helps if you have your child practice putting on and taking off their outdoor clothing independently -- remember the children must do that for three recesses each day. We will be going outside most days. We will go outside unless the temperature is below 15 degrees. We’d like to thank Hy-Vee for donating hats and gloves for students at Fairview. All kindergarten students received a hat and a pair of gloves and there were extras to keep at school in case a student forgets their gloves or hat some day.
Remember to check the TV stations and/or radio station (KGRN, 1410, is the local station) for weather-related school closings. If you question the weather or if you think we might have a late start or early dismissal, please watch or listen for the announcements. If you cannot listen to the radio or watch the TV, perhaps you have a friend or relative that can call you once they hear the news. You can also check the Grinnell-Newburg website for information regarding weather closings. We want everyone to know of the late starts, early dismissals, or school closings.
Coats for Kids: A group of people in town have made a commitment to purchase coats and other winter gear for children who need these things. If anyone in your family needs winter wear and you are having trouble buying these things, please call, or drop by, or send me an e-mail. Likewise, if you or your children know of anyone needing winter gear, please contact me.
GHS Basketball/Wrestling Expectations: We would like to invite families to attend basketball games and wrestling meets at our high school. It is a lot of fun and great family time. I would like to remind you that there is no running around and playing in the hallways during the Grinnell High School basketball games and wrestling meets. Students are to sit in the gym and watch the game or match. Parents, sitting and explaining the game to your child is a great way to develop an understanding of the game.

Second Grade Field Trip
On November 23, 2009, Fairview second grade students traveled to the Science Center in Des Moines. Students attended a program, Sky Above Me, in the Star Theater and then explored six rooms of exhibits and hands on science activities. In the When Things Get Moving area, a construction site emphasizing how things work, fit together, and move together, students were able to make and launch their own rockets, maneuver a ball through a wall of pulleys, levers, and gears, and work together to build a freestanding arch. Students commented that they liked this area the best.
In other areas students created their own movies with the Cosmic Jukebox, and recreated the Iowa landscape to explore climbing, caving and digging, and examine and test minerals and identify fossils. WHO-TV Weather Studio meteorologists broadcast the weather live and answered questions about forecasting the weather while students were at the Science Center.
The students enjoyed discussing the day’s events during their lunch and the day ended with viewing the IMAX movie, ROAR Lions in the Kalahari. We’d like to extend special thanks to the Fairview PTO for funding this fun, educational field trip.

Kindergarten Gingerbread Houses
The lunchroom was full of students, parents, and sweets on Friday, December 11 when the kindergarten students made Gingerbread Houses. Students and parents worked together to create the houses and unique creations filled the lunch tables. Everyone had a wonderful time.

From the Grinnell-Newburg School District’s food allergy task force:
The Grinnell-Newburg School District’s food allergy task force would like to thank all district parents, staff, and students for their cooperation, compliance, and flexibility this year as we implemented new procedures to manage life-threatening food allergies. We have appreciated the compassionate understanding of our district staff and students and community members as we work together to ensure that our schools and school functions are welcoming and safe for students who live with life-threatening food allergies and attend our schools.

As a reminder, a copy of the procedures as well as an FAQ is posted on our district website under “Parent Resources.” I encourage you to reread the documents. They are a great resource for all of us. Also, should you have any questions about the procedures or what you may or may not bring to a classroom or event, please contact a building principal or your child’s teacher.

Many children with food allergies will experience the following minor symptoms: hives, itchiness, rash, and sneezing. But a few, including those allergic to peanuts, have allergic reactions that are more alarming such as vomiting, swelling of throat muscles, breathing problems, and even death. Even if they learn to read labels and avoid certain foods, these children may be exposed to minute, harmful residues by touching doorknobs, tables, and others’ hands. For the ever increasing number of students and their families who are affected and for whom anaphylactic shock could occur within seconds of ingestion or tactile contact with an allergy causing food, this is a serious issue. We know our district-wide procedures provide a safer environment to manage food allergies, especially those to nut products, which are the most severe. Strict avoidance of all nut products is the only way to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Our task force is composed of teachers, administrators, parents of children with food allergies, and parents of children who do not have food allergies. With your help, we’ve accomplished a great deal this fall as we have all learned to adapt the new procedures district wide. In some instances, when there is a child with a food allergy in a classroom, the procedures for that classroom or building may be stricter than those required district wide. This has sometimes caused confusion, and we appreciate your understanding while we work out the finer points of keeping all our children safe.

Once again, we appreciate your support. As an educational environment we believe in our capacity to educate our families, teachers, and students to better understand and live with life-threatening food allergies.

Upcoming Events
December 17, 7 pm Fairview PTO
December 22 Movie and Parties
One hour early dismissal
December 23- January 3 Holiday break
January 4, 2010 First day back after break
All of us at Fairview wish you and your family a great holiday season~